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Rahul Goria
Dipti Mehta
Patient Testimonials

"Many thanks to all in the team for making my recent root canal treatment such a stress-free experience with each stage of treatment being clearly explained by Mr Goria in terms easy to understand. All members of his team from receptionist to nurse made me feel welcome and relaxed as soon as I arrived and throughout each visit. A friendly and professional practice I would certainly recommend." M.H.

"Receiving treatment from Mr Goria and the team at The Chequers has been a very reassuring experience: Professional, highly competent, clean, kindly and excellent at explaining every aspect of the procedure. I have felt myself, intuitively, to be in the most trustworthy and decent of hands. I would recommend The Chequers to anyone requiring root canal treatment. With thanks, R.G." 

"Root canal is not something to look forward to, but if anyone can minimise worry and discomfort, it is Rahul. His professionalism makes one feel completely safe and at ease. I shall be forever grateful. His advice about anaesthesia was equally useful....and saved me a great deal of money!" S.Z.

"I had experienced tooth pain for 3 months and was advised I would need root canal treatment. I was recommended to The Chequers Endodontic Practice by my dentist. I received fantastic reassurance during the whole procedure, and Rahul explained in detail each part of the procedure and what to expect. I received total reassurance and instantly felt relief from pain. All very professional and would never worry about having root canal treatment here again." S.S.

"Thank you so much for the expert care and attention I have received at The Chequers Endodontic Practice. I am impressed by the friendliness and patience shown by everyone I came into contact with and by Mr Goria's expertise in dealing with such an involved tooth problem. He always took the utmost care to make sure I was comfortable and in no pain. Many thanks, R.T.

Endodontics is an Art

In every art, knowledge is the foundation of ability. To skilfully and confidently preserve something, you need a precise knowledge of it. The Chequers Endodontic Practice has installed the Morita Veraviewepocs 3D F40 (Cone Beam Computerised Tomography) which is a new multifunctional unit for 3D and panoramic viewing. The precise knowledge gained from these 3D scans is unavailable from standard or digital x-rays and allows more accurate diagnosis of your endodontic problem. This saves time, money and very often the stress of exploratory procedures to find the source of the problem.   

By using the i-Dixel 2.0 imaging software, which offers a range of features to enable a thorough three dimensional examination, images can be rotated, magnified and sliced. This allows detailed examination of bone structure, adjacent anatomical structures and tooth morphology.  Clearer information regarding evidence of infection and other clinical conditions that might otherwise be indeterminable using 2D x-rays or other diagnostic techniques can be detected. 
Every tooth is unique - and digital volume tomography helps the endodontist to form an exact picture of the specific root morphology involved in order to plan the treatment. It allows a clear representation even of complicated root structures and of teeth with multiple roots. It also allows the endodontist to form judgment regarding adjacent anatomical structures which may also be affected.
Morita diagnostic equipment is designed to make patient dose as low as reasonably achievable. The radiation level of Morita Digital Panoramic X-ray equipment for one panoramic shot is about a half amount of cosmic radiation exposed on a long distance flight. When flying in an airplane you are exposed to a slight increase in cosmic radiation due to the higher altitude and thinner atmosphere. In addition to this, by using the Veraviewepocs 3D F40, it is possible to adjust the panoramic image 8.0 layers to take smaller segmented panoramic exposures of the individual tooth involved - again reducing the radiation dosage.

 The image on the left is a conventional digital dental radiograph (x-ray) showing apparently normal appearance of these front teeth.

The image on the right is taken from a 3D scan showing the side of one these front teeth. A fracture of the root is clearly seen, although it was not visible from the conventional radiograph.

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